Welcome to our personal website

We are a family of five: Marko & Irene are proud parents of Annika, Ronja, and Lisa. The most recent addition to the family is Leo the cat. If you want to know more, hit the "About us" button at the top left or click the kid's links below. There is also a small collection of links to nice places, people, or organizations, and a page to contact us.

We first set up a website back in the days when we had our oldest and were many miles away from our family. The only purpose of this site is to keep friends and family informed of what is happening here. It is a strictly personal website, work items are explicitly disallowed :) It is therefore unambitious and not overly fancy, but gives each of us some space to express him/herself.

And that's it, really. No daily status updates, no tweets, no social networking. This may be way old-fashioned but I believe that, one, this would not be of interest to anyone anyway, and two, privacy is a virtue, and should not be given up too freely.

Sitting on the hot air baloon we flew in (2010)


Annika is the oldest of the three girls. Born in the USA, she likes to sing, write, read, take part in debates, and make music. More about her on her page


Ronja is the middle child and (as the others continue to note) has the nicest room to call her own. She likes to do sports and reads a lot; more on her page.


Lisa is the youngest, which she finds unfair (as do all youngest ones :) She loves horses and is very energetic, kind and helpful. More on her here